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Symbol fonts, sometimes called clip art and dingbats in the past (see ITC Zapf Dingbats or Wingdings)?are comprised of images that are more symbolic than pictorial, more abstract and more simplified. Most symbol fonts exist for functional purposes rather than decorative or illustrative ones. They are intended to solve specific design needs: railroad timetables, card books, astrology charts, transportation signage, election ballots, electrical diagrams, chemical formulas, music notation (Sonata), maps, etc. Common symbols include arrows (ClickBigs Arrow Pods), check marks and ballot boxes, stars and asterisks (Altemus Bursts & Suns Set), crosses and the Star of David, phases of the moon, and hearts.

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Sign Pix 3
Sign Pix 3 Harris Design
From $18.90
EF Imagination Flowers Box
EF Imagination Flowers Box Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Nanogram Pixies
Nanogram Pixies Gary Munch
From $8.10
Tokay Apply Design
From $17.95
Archive Hands (Pictorial)
Archive Hands (Pictorial) Archive Type
From $17.95
Yoga Studio
Yoga Studio Outside the Line
From $26.10
Heds Michael Brooks Design
From $17.95
Tierfreund Apply Design
From $17.95
Fatline Shift
Fatline Shift Daniel Pelavin
From $17.10
EF Zapping Net Regular
EF Zapping Net Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Frames and Borders Too
Frames and Borders Too Outside the Line
From $26.10
EF Aliens Construct
EF Aliens Construct Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Sign Pix 4
Sign Pix 4 Harris Design
From $18.90
Scriba Ulay & Ulay
From $17.10
Sign Pix 2
Sign Pix 2 Harris Design
From $18.90
Flower Doodles
Flower Doodles Outside the Line
From $26.10
Primitives Apply Design
From $17.95
EF BeforeTheAlphabets One
EF BeforeTheAlphabets One Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Mei Ornaments On Circle
Mei Ornaments On Circle Vintage Type
From $17.10
Mei Ornaments
Mei Ornaments Vintage Type
From $17.10
EF Gois Regular
EF Gois Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Heds Dark
Heds Dark Michael Brooks Design
From $17.95
Archive Woodchild (Pictorial)
Archive Woodchild (Pictorial) Archive Type
From $17.95
EF KLTypeFaces Regular
EF KLTypeFaces Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
EF GaraMail Regular
EF GaraMail Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50

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