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Casual scripts are often called informal scripts. Brush scripts are usually part of this category but here they have been separated out. What is left are informal scripts that are derived from lettering or writing made with other tools: broad pens (ITC Humana Script), pointed pens (Memoir), ball-point pens (Caflisch Script), felt tip markers (Longhand), pencils (Graphite), ruling pens (Musclehead), spray cans, etc. Casual scripts have more bounce and irregularity of rhythm than formal scripts. Many have roughened edges, even ink splotches (e.g. Smack). OpenType casual scripts have large glyph sets that make newer designs more successfully substitute for actual handwriting.

Some casual scripts are really casual or informal lettering (such as Tisdall Script or Hatmaker) that come from handlettering. The letters do not join up or even make a pretense of doing so. But they are clearly outside of the history of regular type and thus placed in this category.

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Alpine Script
Alpine Script Borges Lettering
From $37.80
Archive Autograph Script
Archive Autograph Script Archive Type
From $17.95
Avalanche Borges Lettering
From $22.50
Azalea Rough w/Ornaments
Azalea Rough w/Ornaments Laura Worthington
Single Styles from $20.70
Azalea Smooth w/Ornaments
Azalea Smooth w/Ornaments Laura Worthington
Single Styles from $20.70
Banana Flat-It
From $17.95
Bianca Laura Worthington
From $26.10
BlueShift Family (3 fonts)
BlueShift Family (3 fonts) PintassilgoPrints
Single Styles from $5.40
Bounce Script
Bounce Script Borges Lettering
From $31.50
Bruhn Script Family
Bruhn Script Family Fountain
Single Styles from $35.10
Buckley Laura Worthington
From $20.70
Cedar Street (Medium)
Cedar Street (Medium) Three Islands Press
From $35.10
Christine Typadelic
From $17.10
Crostini Scholtz Fonts
From $17.10
Dolce Family (5 fonts)
Dolce Family (5 fonts) Anatoletype Sale Ends February 28
Sale $100.00
Drawzing Regular
Drawzing Regular FontHead Design Inc
From $17.10
Dyna Anatoletype
From $35.10
Enocenta Family (8 fonts)
Enocenta Family (8 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $4.50
Enchanted Borges Lettering
From $26.95
Ethereal Script
Ethereal Script Ibbotson Graphics
From $17.10
Eyeliner (2 fonts)
Eyeliner (2 fonts) Astigmatic One
From $17.95
Felt Tip Family (6 typefaces)
Felt Tip Family (6 typefaces) Mark Simonson
Single Styles from $26.10
Felt Tip Roman Family (3 typefaces)
Felt Tip Roman Family (3 typefaces) Mark Simonson
Single Styles from $26.10
Felt Tip Woman Family (2 typefaces)
Felt Tip Woman Family (2 typefaces) Mark Simonson
Single Styles from $26.10
Flax Regular
Flax Regular Wilton Foundry
From $26.10

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