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Formal scripts are cursive typefaces derived from pointed pen calligraphy called Roundhand in 18th century England and Spencerian in 19th century America; and Copperplate by contemporary calligraphers since the original writing masters reproduced their work by engraving in copper. Roundhand-style typefaces include Snell Roundhand, Bickham Script and Libelle while Spencerian-style faces include Burgues Script and P22 Zaner Pro. Formal scripts are most often used for invitations and announcements, especially for weddings. Traditionally, formal scripts have small x-heights but some newer designs like ITC Edwardian Script have large bodies making them more suitable for advertising purposes.

OpenType versions of formal scripts tend to have large glyph sets—full of ligatures and alternate characters—in order to more accurately mimic penmanship.

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Phyllis Only Shadow
Phyllis Only Shadow URW**
From $25.20
Phyllis SB Regular
Phyllis SB Regular Scangraphic
From $23.40
PF Pixelscript Pro
PF Pixelscript Pro Parachute
From $62.10
Plumage Wilton Foundry
From $26.10
Polonaise URW Bold
Polonaise URW Bold URW**
From $25.20
Portfolio Script
Portfolio Script Wilton Foundry
From $26.10
Recherche Laura Worthington
From $26.10
Regina Laura Worthington
From $22.50
Remsen Script
Remsen Script Three Islands Press
From $35.10
Ronde Script
Ronde Script GroupType
From $17.10
Archive Roundhand Script
Archive Roundhand Script Archive Type
From $17.95
Solace Lunchbox Design
From $26.10
Stradivarius GroupType
From $17.10
Tosca Wiescher Design
From $35.55
Valentine Family OT (4 Fonts)
Valentine Family OT (4 Fonts) ProFonts
Single Styles from $44.10
EF Vivaldi Regular
EF Vivaldi Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
EF Vivaldi Bold
EF Vivaldi Bold Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
EF Vivaldi CE Regular
EF Vivaldi CE Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
EF Vivaldi CE Bold
EF Vivaldi CE Bold Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
EF Vivaldi T Regular
EF Vivaldi T Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
EF Vivaldi T Bold
EF Vivaldi T Bold Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Vivaldi standard (D)
Vivaldi standard (D) URW**
From $16.16
Vivaldi URW**
From $31.50
Viant URW Normal
Viant URW Normal URW**
From $25.20
Yevida Family (2 fonts)
Yevida Family (2 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $18.90

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