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Sans Serif means "without serifs". These are typefaces that do not have serifs, the tiny strokes that are often found at the ends of the main strokes of letters. There are several main categories of sans serif types: grotesques (e.g. Monotype Grotesque or Akzidenz Grotesk), geometric sans serifs (e.g. Futura), humanist sans serifs (e.g. Optima) and square sans serifs (e.g. Bank Gothic, Agency and Microgramma). In the United States, Grotesques are called gothics (e.g. Trade Gothic). Grotesques have letters that are nearly uniform in width with strokes that appear to be the same thickness. Well known grotesques are Helvetica, Arial, Univers and Myriad. Geometric sans serifs have shapes that are more geometric (i.e. circles instead of ovals and squares instead of rectangles) than those of grotesques. They still have strokes of consistent thickness. Besides Futura, other examples of geometric sans serifs are ITC Avant-Garde Gothic and Gotham. Humanist sans serifs have proportions based on those of Renaissance serif types. Some have strokes of distinct thick/thin contrast. Gill Sans and Syntax are typical of the first kind and Optima of the second.

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There are 17 fonts in the category "Sans Serif" that start with "O" ; containing any.
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O-Anton SB Regular
O-Anton SB Regular Scangraphic
From $23.40
EF Oak Engraved
EF Oak Engraved Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Ocovilla Astigmatic One
From $17.95
OCR A SB Regular
OCR A SB Regular Scangraphic
From $23.40
OCR B SB Regular
OCR B SB Regular Scangraphic
From $23.40
From $25.20
OCR B Letterpress
OCR B Letterpress URW**
From $25.20
OCR-B Regular
OCR-B Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Octagon Wooden Type Fonts
From $13.50
OGRA Family
OGRA Family Fountain
Single Styles from $53.10
URW Oklahoma
URW Oklahoma URW**
From $25.20
PF Online Two Pro Family (2 Fonts)
PF Online Two Pro Family (2 Fonts) Parachute
Single Styles from $62.10
PF Online One Pro Family (2 Fonts)
PF Online One Pro Family (2 Fonts) Parachute
Single Styles from $62.10
PF Online Three Pro Family (6 Fonts)
PF Online Three Pro Family (6 Fonts) Parachute
Single Styles from $62.10
Outahere Light
Outahere Light Lunchbox Design
From $26.10
Outahere Regular
Outahere Regular Lunchbox Design
From $26.10
Overdrawn Account
Overdrawn Account Astigmatic One
From $17.95

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