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Serifs are small strokes at the end of the main strokes of letters. They come in a variety of basic shapes: bracketed, slab, hairline, wedge, and combinations of these. The first roman typefaces in the late 15th century were seriffed. Until the mid-20th century seriffed typefaces dominated printing and design. Serif typefaces are generally preferred for lengthy texts such as books, magazines and newspapers.

Serif typefaces are divided into several subcategories in which the particular type of serif is a defining feature. Oldstyle typefaces—which reigned from the 1470s to the mid-18th century—have bracketed serifs. Some classic oldstyle typefaces include Centaur, Adobe Garamond, Adobe Caslon, and Times Roman. Modern (or neoclassical) typefaces, which first appeared in the 1780s, are noted for their hairline or serifs. Some famous examples are Linotype Didot and Bauer Bodoni. Slab serif typefaces are often called Egyptians, but those with geometric forms and unbracketed slab serifs are sometimes called square serifs. Giza is an Egyptian while Rockwell is a square serif. Wedge seriffed typefaces are called Latins (i.g. Latin Classic, Atlas, and Méridien). They are not as common as the other styles.

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Pabst Oldstyle Family (6 styles)
Pabst Oldstyle Family (6 styles) Vintage Type
Single Styles from $17.10
Pabst Oldstyle Roman (3 styles)
Pabst Oldstyle Roman (3 styles) Vintage Type
Single Styles from $17.10
Pabst Oldstyle Italic (3 styles)
Pabst Oldstyle Italic (3 styles) Vintage Type
Single Styles from $17.10
URW Palladio Bold
URW Palladio Bold URW
From $25.20
URW Palladio Bold Italic
URW Palladio Bold Italic URW
From $25.20
URW Palladio Medium
URW Palladio Medium URW
From $25.20
URW Palladio Medium Italic
URW Palladio Medium Italic URW
From $25.20
URW Palladio Regular
URW Palladio Regular URW
From $25.20
URW Palladio Regular Italic
URW Palladio Regular Italic URW
From $25.20
Panoptica Family (10 fonts)
Panoptica Family (10 fonts) Shinn Type Foundry Inc.
Single Styles from $35.10
EF Panther Regular
EF Panther Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
EF Panther Bold
EF Panther Bold Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Percolator Family
Percolator Family Lunchbox Design
Single Styles from $17.10
Phenotype Bold
Phenotype Bold URW
From $25.20
Phenotype Demi
Phenotype Demi URW
From $25.20
Philip Peter von Zezschwitz
From $17.10
Phalanx Regular
Phalanx Regular PSY/OPS Type Foundry
From $17.10
Phalanx Bold
Phalanx Bold PSY/OPS Type Foundry
From $17.10
Playbill SB Regular
Playbill SB Regular Scangraphic
From $23.40
Playbill SH Regular
Playbill SH Regular Scangraphic
From $23.40
EF Playbill Regular
EF Playbill Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
EF PLA.card Serif
EF PLA.card Serif Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Playbill URW
From $25.20
Playbill Antique
Playbill Antique URW
From $25.20
Plaza SH Inline
Plaza SH Inline Scangraphic
From $23.40

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