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Typefaces with thick serifs are usually called Slab Serifs. The earliest examples were called Antiques or Egyptians in the 19th century and many still refer to them as Egyptians. These typefaces can have slab serifs that are bracketed or unbracketed. They frequently have names that reference Egypt such as Giza. Typefaces with geometric proportions that have unbracketed slab serifs are often called Square Serifs. Examples are Stymie and Memphis. Unbracketed slab serifs can also be found on "humanist" typefaces such as Serifa and PMN Caecilia.

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Aachen SB Medium
Aachen SB Medium Scangraphic
From $23.40
Aachen SB Bold
Aachen SB Bold Scangraphic
From $23.40
Aachen SH Medium
Aachen SH Medium Scangraphic
From $23.40
Aachen SH Bold
Aachen SH Bold Scangraphic
From $23.40
Addison Family (4 fonts)
Addison Family (4 fonts) Kimmy Design
Single Styles from $13.50
Archive Antiqua Extra Cond
Archive Antiqua Extra Cond Archive Type
From $17.95
Antique Condensed Bold
Antique Condensed Bold Wooden Type Fonts
From $13.50
Antique Six
Antique Six Wooden Type Fonts
From $13.50
Antique Wells Medium
Antique Wells Medium Wooden Type Fonts
From $13.50

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