Camingo Mono Family (14 fonts) (Jan Fromm)

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Camingo Mono Extra Light
Camingo Mono Extra Light Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono Extra Light Italic
Camingo Mono Extra Light Italic Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono Light
Camingo Mono Light Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono Light Italic
Camingo Mono Light Italic Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono Regular
Camingo Mono Regular Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono Regular Italic
Camingo Mono Regular Italic Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono SemiBold
Camingo Mono SemiBold Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono SemiBold Italic
Camingo Mono SemiBold Italic Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono Bold
Camingo Mono Bold Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono Bold Italic
Camingo Mono Bold Italic Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono Extra Bold
Camingo Mono Extra Bold Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono Black
Camingo Mono Black Jan Fromm
From $40.50
Camingo Mono Black Italic
Camingo Mono Black Italic Jan Fromm
From $40.50

About Jan Fromm
Jan Fromm, a Berlin designer/illustrator, offers us Camingo, a real workhorse that we can see providing years of service for magazine headlines and captions without one’s needing to stray to another family. Weights: ExtraLight, Light, Regular, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold and Black. All in italic too, plus small caps and proportional and monospaced numerals. Jan was taught by renowned type guy Luc(as) de Groot, and now works alongside him. It’s a safe bet that the master has taught the apprentice a thing or two about creating large sans families.
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Jan Fromm - End User License Agreement

By opening or installing this software product, you accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.

1. Number of users
Jan Fromm gives you the right to use the enclosed font software on up to five (5) computers. All users must belong to the same company or household purchasing the fonts.

2. Allowed uses
You may use the font software to create images on any surface such as computer screens, paper, web pages, photographs, movie credits, printed material, T-shirts, and other surfaces where the image is a fixed size.
You may use the fonts to create EPS files or other scalable drawings provided that such files are only used by the household or company licensing the fonts.
You may provide the fonts to a graphic designer, printer or other service bureau that is working on your behalf only if they agree to use the fonts exclusively for your work, agree to the terms of this license, and retain no copies of the fonts on completion of the work.
You may not provide the fonts or make it accessible to any other third parties.

3. Embedding
You may embed the licensed fonts into any document you send to third parties. Such documents may be viewed and printed (but not edited) by the recipients.
You may not under any circumstances embed the fonts into software or hardware products in which the fonts will be used by the purchasers of such products. Such use requires a different license which may be offered by Jan Fromm. Please contact for further information.

4. Modifications
You may import characters from the font software as graphical objects into a drawing program and modify such graphical objects.
You may not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on the licensed fonts itself.

5. Copyright
The licensed font software is copyrighted and contains proprietary information and trade secrets belonging to Jan Fromm. You may not copy the fonts, with the exception of making an unmodified copy for personal archival purposes only.
You may be held legally responsible for any infringement of Jan Fromms intellectual property rights that is caused or encouraged by your failure to abide by the terms of this Agreement.

6. Warranty
Jan Fromm warrants that the font software will perform as it should for the twenty one (21) day period following your receipt. To make a warranty claim, you must return the software along with a copy of your sales receipt within the twenty one (21) day period. If the sofware does not perform correctly, Jan Fromm or your distributor will either replace the software or refund the license fee you paid for the software. Jan Fromm does not and cannot warrant the performance or results you may obtain by using the software. In no event will Jan Fromm be liable to you for any consequential incidental or special damages, including any lost profits or lost savings.

7. Termination
This Agreement is effective until terminated. This Agreement will terminate automatically without notice from Jan Fromm if you fail to comply with any provision contained herein. Upon termination, you must destroy the written materials, the product, and all copies of them, in part and in whole, including modified copies, if any.

Jan Fromm EULA v 1.4, October 2008

Jan Fromm Kommunikationsdesign

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Camingo Mono
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About This Font
CamingoMono is a modern monospaced typeface family of seven weights with matching italics, from ExtraLight to Black. Predominantly humanist in character, the typeface also has a technical feel thanks to the fixed proportions, while its semi-condensed width means CamingoMono is a great space saver in long passages of text. The default figures are noticeably lower than the uppercase letters, making them clearly distinguishable from one another. The typeface’s additional features include three different figure sets, slashed zeros and currency symbols, arrows and a handful of stylistic alternates. It is ideal for any technically-flavored text where an individual touch is desired, from advertising to corporate design. With CamingoMono, private and commercial correspondence alike will look neat and credible.

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