About Alana
Alana Pro is a natural looking, semi-connected script face. Based on hand lettering, friendly and unique with its ability to transition from casual to formal, it holds its original hand drawn, slightly rough look and feel. It features 341 alternates which include two additional uppercase letter sets and hundreds of alternate lowercase letters, making it very versatile.

62 whimsical ornaments, designed especially to coordinate with Alana’s style, are offered separately and are also included in Alana Pro.

Alana is named after and dedicated to my darling little sister.

There are 5 available in this family (6 containing any).
Per Page:
Alana Basic
Alana Basic Laura Worthington
From $17.10
Alana Bold Basic
Alana Bold Basic Laura Worthington
From $17.10
Alana Pro
Alana Pro Laura Worthington
From $44.10
Alana Pro Bold
Alana Pro Bold Laura Worthington
From $44.10
Alana Pro Plus Ornaments
Alana Pro Plus Ornaments Laura Worthington
Single Styles from $13.50
Alana Ornaments
Alana Ornaments Laura Worthington
From $13.50

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