About Reminder Pro
Use Reminder to add a friendly or casual touch to your communications. Whether it's for print or for screen, Reminder Pro™ is a versitile typeface to use. This one works well very large or very small; as a caption or on a billboard. The possibilities for this typeface are endless. Its been popular since its 1st release back in 2003 and now, with the new "Pro" version you can communicate to a much bigger audience. Each weight is loaded with 555 glyphs which support all European languages including Greek and Cyrillic. So, to add personality to your designs don't forget.

There are 3 available in this family (4 containing any).
Per Page:
PF Reminder Pro Family (3 Fonts)
PF Reminder Pro Family (3 Fonts) Parachute
Single Styles from $53.10
PF Reminder Pro Regular
PF Reminder Pro Regular Parachute
From $53.10
PF Reminder Pro Medium
PF Reminder Pro Medium Parachute
From $53.10
PF Reminder Pro Bold
PF Reminder Pro Bold Parachute
From $53.10

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