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The Apply Type and Design Studio was founded by Thomas Sokolowski in 1989. The studio is based in Hannover, Germany and releases mainly display fonts. They were at the forefront of the digital type revolution in the 90's, producing a library of exciting, innovative, contemporary fonts. Apply was one of FontHaus' first suppliers and many of their fonts remain popular today.

There are 77 font products available from this foundry.
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Paccer Regular
Paccer Regular Apply Design
From $17.95
Primitives Apply Design
From $17.95
Scripture Apply Design
From $17.95
Spirit Light
Spirit Light Apply Design
From $17.95
Spirit Bold
Spirit Bold Apply Design
From $17.95
Tierfreund Apply Design
From $17.95
Tokay Apply Design
From $17.95
Old Typewriter Family (11 fonts)
Old Typewriter Family (11 fonts) Apply Design
Single Styles from $17.95
Uhura Regular
Uhura Regular Apply Design
From $17.95
Uhura Bold
Uhura Bold Apply Design
From $17.95
Why Not
Why Not Apply Design
From $17.95
XTronic Apply Design
From $17.95
XTronic Outline
XTronic Outline Apply Design
From $17.95

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