Period (Antique or Retro) Fonts

The term Picture Fonts was first used by FontHaus. They are also called icon fonts. They are the successors to the stock cuts—images of horse-drawn carts, pigs, steamboats, etc.—issued by 18th and 19th century typefounders and the clip art sold by Letraset and its rivals in the 1960s and 1970s. Picture fonts run a wide gamut from comic figures (such as the perennial favorite, the little man with the big head) to sci-fi creatures. Some picture fonts are iconic images such as flags, Christmas trees, hearts, and stars. Some sample names of fonts gives a good idea of the variety of designs available within the picture font category: Underpants, Ampersand Appliances, Critters, Insectile Set, Autobats (automobiles in silhouette) and Fruit and Veggie Doodles. Picture fonts are whimsical and they are serious; they are abstract and they are realistic. There is something for every taste and every need.

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Americratika Regular
Americratika Regular FontHead Design Inc
From $17.10
Archive Antique Extended
Archive Antique Extended Archive Type
From $17.95
Archive Antiqua Extra Cond
Archive Antiqua Extra Cond Archive Type
From $17.95
AppleSeed Regular
AppleSeed Regular FontHead Design Inc
From $10.80
Ashbury Family (10 fonts)
Ashbury Family (10 fonts) Hoftype
Single Styles from FREE!
Archive Atlantique
Archive Atlantique Archive Type
From $17.95
Attic Antique (Regular & Italic)
Attic Antique (Regular & Italic) Three Islands Press
Single Styles from $44.10
Aunt Mildred Family (12 fonts)
Aunt Mildred Family (12 fonts) MVB Fonts
Single Styles from $35.10
Archive Autograph Script
Archive Autograph Script Archive Type
From $17.95
Average Joe
Average Joe Typadelic
From $13.46
Aviano Sans Family (3 typefaces)
Aviano Sans Family (3 typefaces) Insigne
Single Styles from $22.49
PF Beatnick Pro Family (2 Fonts)
PF Beatnick Pro Family (2 Fonts) Parachute
Single Styles from $62.10
Bernhard Gothic eFamily (12 typefaces)
Bernhard Gothic eFamily (12 typefaces) Spiece Graphics
Single Styles from $35.10
Archive Blackcap
Archive Blackcap Archive Type
From $17.95
Brigette Family (3 Fonts)
Brigette Family (3 Fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $19.79
Broadsheet (Regular & Italic)
Broadsheet (Regular & Italic) Three Islands Press
From $44.10
EF Buxom Regular
EF Buxom Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Carta Marina Family
Carta Marina Family Insigne
Single Styles from $8.99
Carta Marina Complete Family (6 fonts)
Carta Marina Complete Family (6 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $8.99
Carpenter Family (3 Typefaces)
Carpenter Family (3 Typefaces) GroupType
Single Styles from $17.10
Castine (Regular & Italic)
Castine (Regular & Italic) Three Islands Press
Single Styles from $44.10
XVI Century Shaw Woodcuts
XVI Century Shaw Woodcuts Intellecta Design
From $17.01
Archive Chased Black
Archive Chased Black Archive Type
From $17.95
Changeling Family (5 typefaces)
Changeling Family (5 typefaces) Mark Simonson
Single Styles from $25.65
Changing PintassilgoPrints
From $22.41

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