About Tweed
Tweed is a journey into the 1930s world of hand-lettering.

The design looks very much like the personal scribblings of an old-fashioned cartoon animator. It's the sort of sketch-style you might find describing a goofy caterpillar or laughing willyworm.

Tweed is fun and light-hearted with open and rounded letters of a somewhat musical quality. Derived from old letterforms popularized by Carl Holmes in his wonderful book on the subject, Tweed is basically friendly in nature. This typeface is great for personal greeting cards and stationery - any kind of casual correspondence. It works well in display situations, too. And yes, there is an alternate to the funny-looking 'w' character. Just press option l (el) on Mac. Or Alt 0172 on Windows.

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Tweed Medium
Tweed Medium Spiece Graphics Format TTa Format OTa Format WEBa
From $31.50
Tweed Medium
Tweed Medium Spiece Graphics Format TTa Format OT Format WEBa
From $35.10

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