About Cactus Flower
Cactus majestically blooming in the desert is truly a wondrous event! As the landscape cools, nature blossoms into a beautiful rainbow of colors. These same harmonies and contours, plus a dash of ruggedness and legibility, help to make Cactus Flower Open a superb choice for display work. This cowboy boot style is an old Speedball favorite originated by lettering artist Ross F. George. It’s especially useful for creating distinctive headlines and titles where a Tuscan look is desired.

The engraved appearance of the open style adds a delightful touch to this Old West typeface. You will find small caps, petite figures, and various alternates included for your convenience.

Cactus Flower Open is also available in the OpenType format. Some new characters have been added to this OpenType version including stylistic alternates, discretionary f-ligatures, and initials. These advanced features work in current versions of Adobe Creative Suite InDesign, Creative Suite Illustrator, and Quark XPress. Check for OpenType advanced feature support in other applications as it gradually becomes available with upgrades.

There are 4 available in this family (2 containing any).
Per Page:
Cactus Flower Open SG (includes SC)
Cactus Flower Open SG (includes SC) Spiece Graphics
From $35.10
Cactus Flower Solid SG (includes SC)
Cactus Flower Solid SG (includes SC) Spiece Graphics
From $35.10

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