The foundation and essential power of any brand is typography. Now more than ever, businesses must embrace typography to differentiate their identities, products, and services from their competition. The coordinated selection and use of type is key to branding.

FontHaus, in close alliance with Typobrand®, a specialized typographic consulting firm, offers creative and affordable typographic solutions to help businesses develop brands through the effective use of type.

Some services:

     > The design and creation of a corporate typeface

     > Modification or digitization of existing font data

     > The creation of custom font characters and special keyboard layouts

     > Optimizing fonts to image well in low screen resolutions

     > Adding multilingual support to existing fonts and converting font formats and platforms.


TypoBrand works with you to develop creative and affordable typographic solutions. We stress the importance of a whole-project approach. While design considerations are often the primary focus, the design is just one of many important factors that affect cost and brand implementation. How type is selected or developed, licensed and distributed should be considered in tandem with design issues to best understand all options available, determine realistic budgets, and make informed decisions.

TypoBrand’s principals have provided custom font services or coordinated corporate font licensing for AARP, Adobe Systems, American Express, Bank of America, The Condé Nast Publications, Fast Company, Grey Advertising, Deutsch Advertising, Disney, FutureBrand, Goldman Sachs, H&R Block, Harper Collins, HBO, The Howard Company, International Typeface Corporation, Mellon New England, Microsoft, Nike, People Español, Pixar, Solomon Smith Barney, Signa, Silicon Graphics, Sony Music, Time Inc., University of Chicago Press, US News, Whole Foods Market, Yahoo, Yale University and others. 

With over 60 years of combined type industry experience, the TypoBrand principals have built a strong network of valuable relationships, talent, and know-how, bringing to the table a broad range of unique design, business, marketing, and technical capabilities.

      Mark Solsburg, Business Director

Mark Solsburg is founder and President of FontHaus, one of America’s first independent font resellers and one of the first distributors to sell fonts online. He has been in the type business since 1985. Before launching FontHaus in 1990, he was International Marketing Director for International Typeface Corporation (New York). While at ITC, Solsburg was responsible for offering ITC clients (worldwide) with type marketing support and was involved in significant licensing and OEM agreements with Apple Computer, Adobe Systems, Canon, Linotype, Compugraphic, and Xerox.

As president of FontHaus, he created and published X-height, a successful quarterly type magazine/fonts catalog. He has worked closely with numerous type designers and independent type foundries worldwide and has provided corporate licensing solutions to large creative firms and corporations.  In 1994 FontHaus purchased Faces Ltd., the UK’s first independent font reseller, whereby expanding FontHaus’s influence and market on both sides of the Atlantic (After 9 productive years, Faces was sold to Monotype in the UK). 

Solsburg received studio fine art degrees from Michigan State University, Northern Michigan University, and has taught fine art and communication design at community college and university levels. He has worked as an independent design consultant, art director and creative director for printing and design companies. Solsburg has also held membership positions in the New York Art Directors Club, the New York AIGA, and served as a board member, then later as President and Chairman of the New York Type Directors Club. Contact:

      Mark van Bronkhorst, Design Director

Mark van Bronkhorst is the designer of numerous commercial typefaces including MVB Magnesium, MVB Verdigris, and ITC Conduit, one of International Typeface Corporation’s best-selling type families. 

He has designed corporate and commercial typefaces for Bank of America Corporation, Comcast, Adobe Systems, FontHaus, FontShop, International Typeface Corporation, Warner Bros., Whole Foods Market, Fast Company, Disney, and others.

In 1991 Van Bronkhorst founded MVB Fonts, a foundry, and design firm that produces original typeface designs ( and specializes in typographic projects, where he has designed award-winning publications and other print for various clients. He has been a design and marketing consultant to significant type companies, including Agfa, Faces Ltd., FontHaus, International Typeface Corporation, and FontFont/FSI FontShop International. His office is in Albany, California (Berkeley area), minutes from San Francisco.

      Linnea Lundquist, Production Director

Award-winning type designer Linnea Lundquist was a member of the type design and production team at Adobe Systems for twelve years. There she worked on design, production, and testing of many of the world’s most widely used typefaces, including Optima, Sabon, Adobe Caslon, Chapparal, Tekton, and numerous others.

She is expert in font production in various formats using various production tools, having worked closely with both designers and software engineers and is experienced with the design and production of various glyph sets including Latin, Central European, Greek, Cyrillic, etc.

Lundquist has an undergraduate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in Printing Management and Technology. She studied calligraphy and book design under Hermann Zapf (designer of Optima, Palatino, Melior, and Zapf Chancery) and typography with noted type historian Alexander Lawson. She has done graduate work in the Book Arts at Mills College and in Printing and Typographic History at UC Berkeley. An active calligrapher, she organized the 2001 exhibition, lecture series, and catalog for Zapfest: Calligraphic Type Design in the Digital Age.

With partner Ward Dunham, Linnea runs Atelier Gargoyle, offering fine lettering and a unique line of calligraphic paraphernalia. Linnea’s studio is in San Francisco.