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Inspired by a few letters in a hand-drawn logotype, Swashington is a serif font with both an early 20th Century feel and yet is evocative of the swash fonts of the 1970s as well. The real meat of this typeface comes with using all the swash and ligature variants allowing for an enormous amount of typographic flair. Starting with the original logo, Jason Walcott was moved to develop these interesting letterforms into a full typeface with all the swashy might he could muster. In addition to a comprehensive set of Swash and Alternate letters, there are also over 270 Discretionary Ligatures that can be used to create different possibilities by mixing and matching. Included with the downloaded fonts are two .pdf files showing all the swashes and ligatures, that can be printed and used for easy reference. All of the alternates are available via the Glyph Palette or with OpenType features. The font includes support for all Latin based and Eastern European languages.

CounterPoint End User License Agreement



  1. Agreement of Terms. Purchase, Download and/or use of this software constitutes acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.
  2. Grant of License. CounterPoint Type Studio (Licenser) grants to the purchaser of this typeface package (licensee), a perpetual Non-Exclusive License to use the contents, CounterPoint font software, on up to five (5) CPUs. These CPUs can be connected toâ?? and the font software used withâ?? any number of output devices such as a laser or inkjet printer, imagesetter or film recorder. However the font software may only be downloaded to the permanent memory (ie hard disk) of one output device. The licensee may also make one (1) archival (back-up) copy to a removable disk (i.e. Data CD or Flash Drive). Any additional licenses needed must be purchased separately. CounterPoint does not require your service bureau to own the font for output only, however prior agreement must be established between the service bureau and the licensee that all CounterPoint font software will be removed from the service bureau's systems and destroyed when output is complete. CounterPoint reserves all rights not expressly granted to the Licensee in this Agreement.
  3. Copyright. The software contained in this package is owned by CounterPoint and is protected by the United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. Therefore, Licensee must treat the software like any other copyrighted material such as a book or musical recording. Licensee may not copy this software with the intent of renaming, reselling or distributing it as shareware or freeware. Unauthorized copying of font software deprives font developers and designers of their just compensation. Unauthorized duplication of fonts is not only unethicalâ??it's also illegal.
  4. Transfer of Rights. The Licensee may NOT transfer any rights granted in this agreement to any third party.
  5. Limit of Liability: CounterPoint will not be liable to Licensee or any other user of this software for any damages caused by licensee's use of this softwareâ?? including but not limited toâ?? loss of profits, lost savings or damage to files and equipment from using this software in a manner other than which it was intended.



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