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Brush scripts are informal scripts. They are 20th century inventions inspired by the work of sign writers and commercial lettering artists. Most are based on pointed brush lettering rather than broad brush lettering. Some are not cursive and thus are more properly called brush lettering (e.g. Dom Casual).

There are often clear distinctions between European brush scripts and American ones, due to their different lettering and handwriting traditions. Examples of the former are Balzac and Sunetta; of the former, Brody and Spring. More recent brush scripts, such as ITC Puamana or Banshee, reflect the influence of modern calligraphic practice. Some have ragged edges, implying the use of a "dry brush".

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Alpine Script
Alpine Script Borges Lettering
From $37.80
Bounce Script
Bounce Script Borges Lettering
From $31.50
Arab Brushstroke
Arab Brushstroke URW**
From $25.20
EF Brushable Regular
EF Brushable Regular Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
BrushUp Family (2 fonts)
BrushUp Family (2 fonts) PintassilgoPrints
Single Styles from $21.60
Crostini Scholtz Fonts
From $17.10
Dolce Family (5 fonts)
Dolce Family (5 fonts) Anatoletype Sale Ends February 28
Sale $100.00
Dyna Anatoletype
From $35.10
Ethereal Script
Ethereal Script Ibbotson Graphics
From $17.10
Felt Noisy Family
Felt Noisy Family PintassilgoPrints Sale Ends March 6
Sale $22.40
Fizgiger Alternate Family (4 fonts)
Fizgiger Alternate Family (4 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $18.90
Fizgiger Full Family (8 fonts)
Fizgiger Full Family (8 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $18.90
Florencia Family  (2 Fonts)
Florencia Family (2 Fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $19.79
French Kiss
French Kiss Robert Arnow Design Studio
From $22.50
Fuller Brush NF
Fuller Brush NF Nick's Fonts
From $16.16
Gloversille Astigmatic One
From $17.95
Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards Laura Worthington
From $26.10
Harlean Laura Worthington
From $31.50
Kinescope Mark Simonson
From $26.10
Kolinsky Sable SG Heavy w/ Alts
Kolinsky Sable SG Heavy w/ Alts Spiece Graphics
Single Styles from $35.10
Krylotag (3 fonts)
Krylotag (3 fonts) Astigmatic One
From $17.95
Lorelei Family (4 fonts)
Lorelei Family (4 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $18.90
Madeleine Family (4 fonts)
Madeleine Family (4 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $18.90
Majidah Family (2 fonts)
Majidah Family (2 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $18.90
Montelago AOE
Montelago AOE Astigmatic One
From $17.95

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