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Calligraphy scripts are scripts derived from formal or nearly formal broad-pen forms. The most common of these are chancery cursives (the basis for italics that accompany many seriffed roman typefaces). Some, such as Poetica, are independent of romans. There are modern interpretations of chancery cursives that are looser than those of the Renaissance without being overly casual. Instances are Pouty or Medici Script. Other calligraphy scripts follow historical models such as rustics, uncials, Carolingian minuscule, humanist bookhands and rondes (an 18th c. French style). Among the uncials, which have no lowercase letters, are Omnia and Colmcille.

Blackletter types could be described as calligraphy scripts but because they have a long independent history, one that predates roman typefaces, they are placed in a separate category.

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Adagio Pro
Adagio Pro ProFonts
From $44.10
Alana Pro Plus Ornaments
Alana Pro Plus Ornaments Laura Worthington
Single Styles from $13.50
Alpine Script
Alpine Script Borges Lettering
From $37.80
Amelie Typadelic
From $17.10
American Writer
American Writer Typadelic
From $17.10
AppleSeed Regular
AppleSeed Regular FontHead Design Inc
From $10.80
Arendahl Alternate Family (4 fonts)
Arendahl Alternate Family (4 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $18.90
Arendahl Full Family (8 fonts)
Arendahl Full Family (8 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $18.90
Arendahl Regular Family (4 fonts)
Arendahl Regular Family (4 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $18.90
Artegio (2 fonts)
Artegio (2 fonts) Wiescher Design
From $44.55
EF Artemisia Light
EF Artemisia Light Elsner+Flake
From $31.50
Asturias Family (2 fonts)
Asturias Family (2 fonts) Insigne
Single Styles from $18.90
Ayres Royal
Ayres Royal Wiescher Design
From $44.55
Azalea Rough w/Ornaments
Azalea Rough w/Ornaments Laura Worthington
Single Styles from $20.70
Azalea Smooth w/Ornaments
Azalea Smooth w/Ornaments Laura Worthington
Single Styles from $20.70

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