About HT Quant
Quant is a contrasted typeface with a fresh and well-reasoned appearance. It owes allegiance to classical structure but is a free design and does not refer to any historical model. Although it has strong qualities as a reading type, its distinct and powerfull ductus makes it superb for headlines and in display sizes.

Quant is well-equipped for ambitious typography. The Quant family consists of 8 styles, comes in OpenType format with extended language support for more than 40 languages. All weights contain small caps, proportional lining figures, tabular lining figures, proportional old style figures, lining old style figures, matching currency symbols, fraction- and scientific numerals.

There are 8 available in this family (9 containing any).
Per Page:
HT Quant Complete (8 fonts)
HT Quant Complete (8 fonts) Hoftype
Single Styles from FREE!
HT Quant Light
HT Quant Light Hoftype
HT Quant Light Italic
HT Quant Light Italic Hoftype
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HT Quant Regular
HT Quant Regular Hoftype
From $44.10
HT Quant Italic
HT Quant Italic Hoftype
From $44.10
HT Quant Medium
HT Quant Medium Hoftype
From $44.10
HT Quant Medium Italic
HT Quant Medium Italic Hoftype
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HT Quant Bold
HT Quant Bold Hoftype
From $44.10
HT Quant Bold Italic
HT Quant Bold Italic Hoftype
From $44.10

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