About Hogar
This font is the result of merging my architecture background and my love for typography, which inspired me to create a system of fonts based on interior architecture design, furniture design and, especially, the love I feel for my home.
The system comes with a monolinear style in sans and script versions, each including 5 weights, that share similar proportions, weight interpolation and details. Hogar is basically a sans with script gestures and a script with sans shapes.
In order to make the system more complete, I included an italic version, also in 5 weights, which represents a transition between both main styles. Additionally, I developed a set of monolinear dingbats including some furniture designs by well-known architects..
The family supports more than 200 Latin derived languages.

Supported languages:

Baltic, Central/Eastern Europe, Romanian, Turkish, Western Europe

OpenType features:
Old-style Digits, Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures, Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Superscript

There are 16 available in this family (17 containing any).
Per Page:
Hogar Family - 16 fonts
Hogar Family - 16 fonts Latinotype Sale Ends February 16
Sale $139.30
Hogar Dingbats
Hogar Dingbats Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar ExtraLight
Hogar ExtraLight Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar ExtraLight Italic
Hogar ExtraLight Italic Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar Light
Hogar Light Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar Light Italic
Hogar Light Italic Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar Regular
Hogar Regular Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar Regular Italic
Hogar Regular Italic Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar Bold
Hogar Bold Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar SemiBold
Hogar SemiBold Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar SemiBold Italic
Hogar SemiBold Italic Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar Bold Italic
Hogar Bold Italic Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar Script ExtraLight
Hogar Script ExtraLight Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar Script Light
Hogar Script Light Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar Script Regular
Hogar Script Regular Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar Script SemiBold
Hogar Script SemiBold Latinotype
From $35.10
Hogar Script Bold
Hogar Script Bold Latinotype
From $35.10

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