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Jason Walcott, the founder of Counter Point was born in Michigan, grew up in New Jersey and now resides in Anaheim, CA. After graduating with a BFA from Kean University in New Jersey with a BFA in 200, he began designing fonts. His first typeface was named "Holiday Times". From 2001 to 2003 Jason sold his type designs through under the name JAW Fonts.

In 2003, Jason partnered with the then up-and-coming Veer Inc. and relaunched the library as Jukebox in June of that year. Jukebox fonts proved to be one of Veer?s, best selling font libraries and continues to generate strong interest. Jukebox fonts have been seen featured on many products and designs including Disney merchandise, TV commercials, film and TV credits, book covers, magazines and the like. In early 2011, Jason was honored to have his digital revival "Eloquent" typeface chosen as one of the 25 winners of the ?Communication Arts? magazine Typography Annual. He continued to develop fonts for the Jukebox library until October of 2011.

In late 2012, Walcott launched CounterPoint, a new font foundry that picks up where Jukebox left off, and will continue to give Jason an opportunity to bring quality display faces to the market. Jason believes the type industry will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Now with ready available software and technology like OpenType, there is a much deeper well to draw on for creative type design.

There are 12 font products available from this foundry.
Per Page:
Califunkia CounterPoint Type Studio
From $26.99
Domani CounterPoint Type Studio
From $26.99
India Ink
India Ink CounterPoint Type Studio
From $26.99
Plectrum Family - 4 fonts
Plectrum Family - 4 fonts CounterPoint Type Studio
From $89.10
Plectrum Regular
Plectrum Regular CounterPoint Type Studio
From $26.99
Plectrum Italic
Plectrum Italic CounterPoint Type Studio
From $26.99
Plectrum Bold
Plectrum Bold CounterPoint Type Studio
From $26.99
Plectrum Bold Italic
Plectrum Bold Italic CounterPoint Type Studio
From $26.99
Profiterole CounterPoint Type Studio
From $26.99
Raspberry Jam
Raspberry Jam CounterPoint Type Studio
From $26.99
Schmalfette CP
Schmalfette CP CounterPoint Type Studio
From $26.99
SwashingtonCP CounterPoint Type Studio
From $26.99

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